Fruit Flight

Fruit Flight Banner

Welcome to the flight school!

You’ll be helping to guide Eric, a jetpack pilot, to collect lots and lots of fruit! By sliding your finger along the screen, you can tell Eric where to fly to collect the fruit as he flies upwards.

If you miss 3 bits of fruit in a row, then Eric will have to return back home; failure isn’t an option today! Luckily there are some fruits which will help Eric fly even better than before; but some fruits will make it near-impossible to stay in control. Learn how to react quickly to the different fruit in order to keep Eric flying for as long as possible.

Remember, you’re not on your own, lots of others are also competing to be the best pilots and your score will be shown on the leaderboard – get the best score to be the ruler of the skies!

Out now! Check it out!


Built with the Cocos2d-Spritebuilder engine, for iPhone and iPod. Supported by unobtrusive banner adverts on menus. Game available for free. 🙂