Progress updates!


I have now submitted both of the games to Apple for review! After 6 months of work, we shall know soon whether they’ll be accepted.

Once it’s been accepted, I’ll sort out a dual release date and send off some press releases.

Before then, I shall upload some screenshots and the icons for everyone to look at.

But first, to actually write some press releases for the big day!

Ryan 🙂



So, new branding: new site. Seems fair enough!

I’m Ryan, and I’m a games developer from the UK. I’m currently working on some independent projects right now, mainly games for iOS.

In the future, I’ll be posting updates about my work on here, Twitter ( and Facebook ( Feel free to share this page, like our Facebook page, follow our Twitter account, and most importantly enjoy the games!

The updates shall start soon, so please do stick around!

Ryan 🙂