Ever played a game where you shoot at asteroids and aliens from your own personal spaceship?!

Of course you have!! Who hasn’t?! But Asterun is different… I promise! No really… I do!

In Asterun, you get to:

  • Pilot your spaceship throughout an intense and merciless battlefield of asteroids!
  • Dodge and shoot pesky asteroids by tilting your device from side to side and tapping furiously on your screen until you get repetitive strain injury!
  • Battle intelligent and amazingly hostile UFOs that really don’t like you!
  • Challenge yourself in the RIDICULOUS mode, where the asteroids fly fast and the damage rises faster!
  • Obsessively compete on the leaderboards to become the best in different aspects of the game!
  • Get fantastically obscure achievements for tasks you didn’t know you had to complete!
  • Eventually crash ’n burn in a spectacular ball of flames when you’ve hit that damn asteroid that appears out of nowhere!

Sound like fun to you? Great! Download today and start flying!