After Asterun

Unless you’ve been living under a suitably sized rock, you’ve probably heard that Asterun has been released and is available to play on! The release went spectacularly well: the feedback I was given was incredibly positive and helpful, it’s seeming to be mildly replayable and nothing has caught fire. Too much. 🔥

However, it is time to start planning ahead, to far and future things – my next projects!

I decided recently that while in the awkward stage between projects, where I’m still actively producing updates for Asterun and working out my future plans, to focus my efforts on finally open-sourcing some of the code I wrote that helps Asterun function! Surprisingly enough, for such a small game, Asterun requires a great deal of code to make it come to life – and lots of that is needed in almost every game going! I struggled immensely when I first started cross-platform development, as lots of things are incredibly important to make a game work well but for a relative novice are quite difficult to convert from rambly thoughts to stable code. So, instead of keeping it to myself, I decided to make it all entirely game-agnostic (i.e.: it’ll run in EVERY game, with no major work needed!), and release it for all cocos2d-x developers to grab and have fun with! So far, I’ve released all of this goodness for all to freely use:

  • ModalAlert ⚠ – shiny self-enclosed alert views: lightweight, easy to use, and maintain the style of the game they’re in. Download:
  • AudioHelper 🔊 – mind-bogglingly simple to use implementations of various audio frameworks: use this and never worry about sound in your project again! Download:
  • SimpleSlider 🎚 – a simpler alternative to the slider’s already included in Cocos2d-x, with some awesome additions to make menu design ever so slightly less tedious! Download:

Hopefully, be providing those for people to use, the time I spent in getting them fully functional and production-ready will save others vastly more time. I still have quite a few more parts to release, covering more obscure functionality that seems to have not been thought of before! Many are rather embedded within Asterun, and they’ll take quite some work to separate out! The next one is partway through development, and will be released as a new feature in Asterun at the same time as it’s released for others to utilise.

Perhaps I have too much free time on my hands… I really should go outside more.

… actually no. It’s cold out. Let’s write crazy amounts of code instead!

That’s where the new projects come into play! I now have 5 game ideas lined up and ready to go! Obviously, these all came to me in a very small space of time and not when I actually wanted any ideas for games – because whenever I want an idea it’s impossible to think of one! Once Asterun’s main updates are completed with the new features I’ve been drafting up, work on the next project will be started! Asterun’s updates won’t just cease to continue – as and when I discover bugs, update dependent libraries and think of cool features, it’ll be updated.

My final idea is a proper tutorial site / blog, with all of the lessons I learnt as I started cross-platform development. Believe me, lots of lessons were learnt. Lots of time was invested. Many ideas were developed, and then burnt. 🔥 It’d be cool to get a comprehensive source of tutorials made, so that others can suffer less than I did.

“But what will your next project be?! I’VE READ SO MUCH. TELL ME WHAT IT’LL BE!

Whatever seems the coolest idea, will be the next game. And it will be amazing. Perhaps it may even be fun to play too.

~ fin. ~

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