So when will I forget about this blog again?

(answer: tomorrow morning)

I’ve had quite a few blogs over the past few years for my games development stuff, pretty much all of them are now down and removed forever from the interwebs (I damn well hope so anyway, that’d be rather cringey if they were still up…); and all of them died because I just stopped posting to them. Yeah, they might have been getting a decent amount of views (I literally have no idea why anyone would have even read them) but no-one ever interacted and I guess I lost interest in ever writing anything down. To be honest, the people who did view my older blogs were probably just bots anyway, but ah well.

I decided that I’d actually try to get back into the swing of doing some proper writing again about what I’ve been up to, so I’ve sat down with a cup of tea and a (very tasty!) fruit salad to ramble a bit in your general direction. I guess that’s your warning to escape now. Here be dragons… or something like that.

One of my problems with games development as that although I love designing my own projects and watching them come to life in front of me, I am exceptionally useless at actually telling anyone about them. Hence, the blogs get neglected, forgotten, and deleted; or I stop posting updates to my Facebook and Twitter pages. I still have almost no idea how to explain Fruit Flight or Asterun to anyone without reducing myself to “things fall from sky, shoot or dodge falling things to gain points for leaderboard”. I know how to explain it in my head, but as soon as someone asks me how to explain them they may as well not be my games at all. I suppose one of my problems is that I am often really afraid of anyone critiquing (yeah I spelt that right first time) my work. I judge my work waaaaay too harshly, I could end up with the most polished piece of code or the most incredible looking design but I’ll just constantly see flaws with it – the code may look ugly or the colours may be slightly too out. Then I’ll end up attempting in vain to make it look perfect or I will move onto something else and never end up telling anyone what I’ve done. That was one of my biggest issues with Fruit Flight and Asterun, I’d never want to tell anyone that I’d done something relating to the games (apart from people really close to me who I knew wouldn’t be too harsh!) as I’d worry about what they’d think of them or how they would perceive my work. I mean, they’re just games… it’s hardly like creating the next world-renowned symphony is it? Code + artwork goes in, game comes out. Hardly the most amazing thing in the world right? I’ve had so many people see what I did/do as a “waste of time” and “unimportant” I ended up thinking that is how everyone sees my work. I guess another thing is I see my work too much from the perspective of a developer instead of as the main audience of the games; the end audience doesn’t have the same vision of the games as I had while creating them so they wouldn’t care that certain artwork was wrongly sized or that the colours aren’t what I’d imagined. In the end, I ended up waiting until the games were totally finished before anyone even really knew about them, and even when the games were finished I was still worrying if people enjoyed them or not, or what they thought of my work. That ultimately affected how I publicised the release of the games I’d invested so much of my time in to.

I really should stop looking at stuff from a developer’s perspective when I’m trying to improve my work, or thinking too deeply about what others would think and focusing too much on the negatives. I feel like such an artist when I criticise my work. Let’s stop doing that. Yeah.

Now that’s more out of the way and I’ve demolished more of the fruit salad, let’s actually talk about what’s gonna be coming up soon and what’s been going on recently.

I was doing most of my games development in and around my school/college work to begin with, and now I’ve left college I’ve started work as a full time iOS developer. I’ve settled in really well, and I’m incredibly happy I chose to move over here to start work. Games development has been able to continue in my free time; and without coursework in the evenings I’ve had more time to focus on my own work.

This has meant that lots of stuff I’ve been wanting to do for ages I’ve been able to actually start, so let’s get to it…

1 : BIG changes coming up soon.

The ‘big’ wasn’t even sarcastic, compared to where I was this time last year things have taken a totally different course to what I first envisioned. I’m moving away from the game engine I used for 4ish years, after the management and the community imploded on itself, towards a different engine. This means new programming languages, new editors, new (stupid) compilers etc… but also some rather incredible new opportunities and things that although I don’t want to mention yet (didn’t we discuss this earlier…?) I’m properly excited about and that has definitely helped me to be very motivated about my next steps for my future projects.

I’m also going to be making some huge infrastructure changes within the apps I have running now, and I’m currently expecting some updates to start going out in a few months or so once I’ve decided on the best course and worked everything out. With those in place I’ll then be able to go forward with the even bigger changes – and those will be magnificent (see, even the font agrees with me).

2 : Improving communication.

I’ve been pretty terrible with updating this blog in the past or using my Facebook and Twitter pages enough, so from now on I’ll be trying to post more on what I’m doing. Quite a lot I want to keep as somewhat of a surprise, but there is tonnes I feel that I’d be able to ramble on about. Keep up to date with Facebook here and Twitter here. Please follow them and help them look more popular 😉


After I came up with the ideas for Asterun and Fruit Flight I pretty much ran dry on the idea front, every idea I had I decided to be not worth the work as I doubted it’d be liked by people or had already been done by someone else to a decent enough standard that it’d be almost impossible to improve on it. Now the App Store has become so saturated with games any new ideas seem to be taken up really quickly – I could have 10 ideas every day for a year but I’d type them into the App Store and they would already be there. That even ended up happening with Asterun, someone released an almost identical game the evening before Asterun was released – but by that point I’d kind of gone too far for the project to be cancelled. Recently though I’ve had quite a few new ideas for some projects which no one else seems to have done yet – that either means I’ve hit the jackpot or it’s gonna totally fail… but we can only wait and see. Hopefully I’ll be able to start work on the new projects within the next few months after the infrastructure changes are in place.

4 : Rebranding.

Something I like doing almost as regularly as forgetting I run a blog is rebranding my ‘business’… often because I grow tired of a name, logo design, font style, colour etc. The list just goes on and on. I’ve been considering rebranding for a little while, although I may end up just making the branding I have now a bit more polished and seem less to me like a temporary design while I make something better. Again, we go back to how I’m really critical of my work. I’ll have to continue to think about this and we’ll see where it ends up.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it for tonight. The fruit salad has disappeared and my (relatively) coherent sentences are becoming less coherent so I should probably end it here.

Same again soon? Yeah, we’ll see. I’ll definitely have the fruit salad again, that was good.


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